Air filter

In order to achieve optimal performance, internal combustion engines require clean intake air. If there are pollutants in the air, such as soot or dust, entering the combustion chamber, there will be pitting corrosion on the cylinder head, leading to premature engine wear. The function of electronic components located between the intake chamber and combustion chamber will also be severely affected. Fengye Filter Air Filter can effectively filter various particulate matter in road conditions. Fengye filter has high filtration efficiency and strong mechanical stability, which can filter out extremely small particles in the intake air, whether it is dust, pollen, sand, carbon black or water droplets, all of which can be filtered out one by one. This promotes full fuel combustion and ensures stable engine performance. Blocked filters can affect engine intake, leading to incomplete combustion of fuel, and some of the fuel is discarded without utilization. Therefore, in order to ensure engine performance, the air filter should be regularly checked. One advantage of Fengye Air Filter is its high dust tolerance, which ensures that the air filter has good reliability throughout the entire maintenance cycle.